Zohar Edelshtein Judiaca jewellery brings you beautifully designed jewellery with spiritual meaning and feeling. Each piece of jewellery is charged with spiritual blessing and intent to impart a field of grace when being worn.

The Hamsa, representing many things such as success, harmony and protection, Hamsa hand with the word ‘Chai’,  in Hebrew ‘life’ on a drop shaped pendant combines spiritual styling and meaning, as a token for celebration of life by living life fully!

‘Neshama’,  in Hebrew ‘Soul’ is a round shaped pendant. Signifying both the inner most sacred part of our soul, the part where the godly spark resides. When ‘Neshama’ is used as an endearing word, expressing fondness, wearing it makes one feels special and loved.

‘Ahuvah’, in Hebrew means ‘loved or ‘beloved’, coupled with the Lotus flower, signifies the transformative process in life from suffering into being loved inwardly, as a source of connection with the Divine. When one feels this inner connection, it is a root of endless inner love.

Commissioned rings made especially for you with embossed or engraved personal Hebrew messages.