2020 blessing in disguise?!

I did Paris Fashion Week (PFW) 2021, in the most difficult year over the past 100 years!

Above and beyond, Covid- 19, I enjoyed every moment at the Flying Solo NYC show, in Paris Fashion Week (PFW), while showing my couture jewellery.

The fashion show was a great success and this collection has been featured at Elle, Marie Claire and Haraper’s Bazzar Fashion magazines and worn by Miss Europe 2021, Miss Lara Jaloah. Please see photos, videos and front cover from Effigie magazine at the press page.

In conclusion dreams do come true. In other words, hope is the best nectar of life especially in challenging times!

For a private shopping experience with Zohar.

The Collection

I named this collection for Paris fashion week 2021, the ‘Connection’ collection firstly, in light of the special reality the world has come to know in 2020, with the eruption of Covid-19 pandemic.

Human connection is the new rare “commodity,” people are missing, therefore I had to create in response to that.

The Jewellery

In this collection, I created every piece of jewellery, most lovingly and thoughtfully, therefore keeping human interaction in mind and heart.

The interwoven nature of my carefully crafted art pieces, bring to light how intricate, delicate and special human relationships are.

How needed they are, especially in challenging at times. Above all, with patience, honesty and perseverance we can turn relations into relations of mutual guarantee.

The pearls I work with, symbolises the human soul, the wires the nerve system. As I formed this jewellery, each piece of jewellery expressed a state of consciousness in the human psyche.


Moving from low consciousness into high consciousness, the human experience can be transformed. As we face the progression and consequences of the Corona pandemic, we all realise it is time for a drastic change in the way humanity operates.

It is high time to move from separation and into connection, from devision into union, from hate into love.

An Offering

With every creation of mine, I bring an offering to the world.

A gift of compassion, mercy and love. By receiving my gifts, you are loved!